Meet our Staff

Jerry Epstein was once the youngest Customs Broker in America.  Now, he is the guy with the most experience.  Early in his career, he memorized most of the old tariff schedule  (TSUSA).  Today, he uses online search tools and quips "technology isn't quite as fast as a young man with a photographic memory and instant recall."

For a number of years, Jerry traveled each quarter to Customs HQ in Washington DC.  He helped develop the remote location filing system (RLF) that is the standard for Customs entry today. He also lobbied Congress to change drawback regulations to include loss due to natural disasters.  And, with legal assistance, Jerry has pushed for the uniform interpretation of regulations across government agencies.

"My main passion is still clearing cargo.  I challenge myself each day to see how many shipments we can handle.  I like my job for three reasons:  I'm the boss of a great staff, we have dynamic customers, and, there is always something new."


Dawn Wilcox is our import manager.  She is a licensed CHB, with 20 years experience.  Dawn is expert in all aspects of Customs Brokerage, with special knowledge in Customs Compliance, and matters pertaining other government agency requirements (OGA).


Kimmie Stanner is the company financial manager, in charge of billing, collections, and payments.  She handles all ACH duty transactions. Kimmie recently completed her business degree.  She has worked at WNE for 16 years.


We employ four licensed Customs Brokers, among a total of eight experienced and energetic workers.  Please contact us at anytime. Telephone: 314-429-0673 or complete the contact form.