W.N. (Bill) Epstein began his career in 1927 at the ornate and dignified Custom House in lower Manhattan.  It was the glory period of Customs-- a time when duty revenue still funded a meaningful portion of government expenditures.  He retired from his Customs post in 1965, and immediately entered the brokerage business.  Bill established his own company in St. Louis, MO  in 1968.

Bill's son, Jerry, has worked in the business during seven decades. 

While there is no doubt that the company has a firm foundation in the past, we are always up to something new.

Today, Epstein provides customs brokerage, freight forwarding and transportation management functions. And, we serve high volume importers and logistics providers.

We employ four licensed brokers.  Experienced support personnel are in entry writing, data management, traffic, and accounting.

"Epstein 2024" is a service oriented company, with the professional, technological, and financial ability to serve customers of any size or unique requirement.